A Very Basic Youtube Music Bot Thawney Originally Made To Use With Their Friends. It can now be used by anyone :D


/join - join your voice channel (must do this before other commands) :D
/play - play a youtube URL (currently playlists arent supported fully) :D
/stop - stop playing the music, wipe the queue and leave the vc :D
/pause - pauses the music :D
/resume - resumes the music :D
/skip - skips however many songs you input :D
/shuffle - shuffles the queue :D
/ClearQueue - clears the song queue :D
/help - get help and links :D

Quote your friends by simply right clicking their message!!

You can also toggle a setting so that only people with the quoter role can quote people to avoid spam!!

How To Quote A Message

Right-click the message then select "Apps" > "Quote Message".

Make sure the bot can see all the channels you try to quote people in or it will not work!!

Other Commands

/init - Reset the bot (owner only)
/SetQuoteChannel - Set the channel where quotes should be sent ("manage channels" permission only)
/ToggleRoleOnly - Make it so only server members with the "quoter" command can quote messages. ("manage channels" permission only)
/help - get help and links :D

Give Yourself & Your Friends Pretty Rocks :D


/prettyrock - give yourself a rock :D
/prettyrockgift - give your friend a rock :D
/help - get help and links :D

Hi, I'm Thawney :D. I'm a nonbinary content creator from England!

This site is an index of my internet presence so you can find basically everything here from livestreams, to my music, to dicsord bots. Hopefully, you can find what you need!

I will not permanently store or sell your data EVER.

Times your data may be temporarily stored currently consist of:

• When your discord username is stored for the duration of a bot command on discord so that it can mention you in a message (this is stored for at most the few seconds it will take that command to execute)

• If I ever create a newsletter that you sign up to I will securely store your email on an encrypted mailing list so that I can contact you. Your email will be removed the moment you unsubscribe.

• If you contact me (to report a bug, ask about a project or otherwise) your contact information will be stored temporarily so I can reply to the conversation.

• If you give me permission to quote you, link to your work on my projects and site, or otherwise credit you; your username or information will be displayed and thus stored on that work. If you want it removed, contact me and I will immediately remove it.

Please note I have the right to change this policy without warning

By using this site or other works of Robin "Thawney" Thorn (who will hereby just be referred to as "Thawney") you agree to their Privacy Policy as well as these terms and will always follow them when speaking to them or using their services.

• When contacting Thawney you will remain respectful and patient at all times.

• Thawney has the right to deny you service and ban you from accessing or using their works without prior warning.

• You will not distribute or use the works of Thawney publicly without giving credit.

• Thawney reserves the right to ask you to remove their work, mentions of them and/or their work and links to their work from posts/publishings/releases that you may make without warning and you will comply with these requests.

• Pirating or otherwise illegally releasing creative property of Thawney's will result in a takedown request and if you do not comply you understand that legal actions may be taken.

Please note I have the right to change these terms without warning